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What Synoxis is

My own take on what 7dtd should be. I've made some QoL changes I feel bring the game closer to how we would perceive a zombie apocolyspe should be.

Server Information

PvP oriented with lot of wilderness to the east, civilization to the west

Roaming Wild and Urban zombie parties are now larger

All zombie damage set to 10%, because we've seen the movies, they're weak alone but strong in numbers

Demolition, Radiated, and Wight, and Spider zombies removed. All replaced with 1-3 random Moe zombies.

Bicycles have a 10% chance of being found in trash dumpsters

Firearms brought to more realistic balance

All firearms have been customized
-Pistol (.380 ACP | 9mm | .45 ACP)
-Revolver (.38 Special | .357 Magnum | .44 Magnum)
-SMG (9mm | .45 ACP) (Comes in semi-auto Civi or Full-Auto Mil-Spec)
-Double Barrel Shotgun (20g | 12g)
-Pump Shotgun (20g | 12g)
-Battle Rifle (5.56 NATO | 7.62x39) (Comes in semi-auto Civi or Full-Auto Mil-Spec)
-Hunting Rifle (.17 HMR | .308)
-Heavy Machine Gun (.308 | .50 BMG)
-Mag Extender mod and drum mag mod can be used in more firearms
-Blunderbuss no longer takes 2 seconds to reload, more like 5-7, don't get surrounded!
-Ammunition stacks sizes for all ammo balanced (primary rifle ammo @150, sidearm pistol @90, shot shells @40, arrows @20, most grenade @5
-Heavy Machine Gun can be modded to semi or burst fire
-Magazine sizes are now fixed, no random weirdness, use ext mag and drum mag mods to increase

More storage containers can be crafted and some even secure (lockable)
-Secure Gas Pump
-Secure Lockers, 3 variants
-Secure Ice Machine (because why not)
-Secure Toolboxes and Rolling Toolboxes
-Barrels (gas, oil, acid, white, etc)

Sham Sandwiches can be crafted

Craft White/Brown wooden house doors at the table saw

Craft Commercial doors at the workbench

Craft Gas Cans from Oil, same output as from Shale

So many more containers can be looted, such as appliances
that have been left open, broken vending machines, Ice Machines, and more